Graduation Rates in Reasonable Completion Time

4,365 students out of 6,322 candidates were completed their courses within 150% normal time at Arizona State University-Tempe. By gender, 2,160 male and 2,205 female students graduated the school last year completing their jobs in the period. The graduation rate at Arizona State University-Tempe is relatively lower the average rate when comparing similar colleges (73.20% in average - Public Research University (very high research activity)).
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Graduation Rate By Race/Ethnicity

Graduation rates of American Indian or Alaska Native students is 47.46%, Asian students is 80.04%, Black (Non-Hispanic) students is 53.59%, Hispanic students is 63.95%, White students is 69.79%, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander students is 61.11%, Two or More Race students is 64.78%, and Unknown students is 63.16% at Arizona State University-Tempe.
American Indian or Alaska Native47.46%(28/59) 56.25%(18/32) 37.04%(10/27)
Asian80.04%(397/496) 77.05%(188/244) 82.94%(209/252)
Black (Non-Hispanic)53.59%(112/209) 47.12%(49/104) 60.00%(63/105)
Hispanic63.95%(809/1,265) 59.05%(372/630) 68.82%(437/635)
White69.79%(2,470/3,539) 66.34%(1,232/1,857) 73.60%(1,238/1,682)
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander61.11%(11/18) 75.00%(6/8) 50.00%(5/10)
Two or More Race64.78%(195/301) 59.18%(87/147) 70.13%(108/154)
Unknown63.16%(12/19) 54.55%(6/11) 75.00%(6/8)
Graduation Rate By Race/Ethnicity at Arizona State University-Tempe

Graduation Rate By Completion Time Period

3,282 students completed their courses in 4 years (or 100% normal time) and 864 finished in 5 years (or 125% normal time). And additional 3,501 students graduated within 6 years (or 150% normal time).
Graduation Rate By Completion Time Period at Arizona State University-Tempe

Non-Resident Alien Graduation Rate

A non-resident alien student is not a US citizen/green card holder and studies with student visa, such as F visa, in the United States. At Arizona State University-Tempe, 331 of 416 non-resident alien students completed their studies and the graduation rate was 79.57%.
Non-Resident Alien Graduation Rate at Arizona State University-Tempe

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