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2023 Acceptance Rates & Admission Statistics Comparison Table
School NameApplicantsAdmitted EnrolledAcceptance RateAdmission Yield
University of California-Berkeley Berkeley, CA
128,20914,1036,487 11.00%46.00%
University of California-Davis Davis, CA
94,74735,0566,310 37.00%18.00%
University of California-Irvine Irvine, CA
119,19125,0305,507 21.00%22.00%
University of California-Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
149,80113,4826,741 9.00%50.00%
University of California-Merced Merced, CA
29,92026,6292,397 89.00%9.00%
University of California-Riverside Riverside, CA
54,68337,7315,660 69.00%15.00%
University of California-San Diego La Jolla, CA
131,19731,4876,612 24.00%21.00%
University of California-Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA
110,99528,8594,906 26.00%17.00%
University of California-Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA
65,91230,9793,717 47.00%12.00%
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*The admission data is updated with academic year 2022-2023 data from National Center For Education Statistics (June 25, 2022).
**Information is not available for schools that are not appeared in the table. The schools have not report the information to the IPEDS or not applicable.)

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