Graduation Rates in Reasonable Completion Time

For the academic year 2020-2021, 6 students out of 45 candidates have completed their courses within 150% normal time (i.e. in 6 years for 4-years BS degree) at Sitting Bull College. By gender, 2 male and 4 female students graduated the school last year completing their jobs in the period. Its graduation rate is much lower than the average rate when comparing similar colleges (19.23% in average - Public Tribal College).
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Graduation Rate By Race/Ethnicity

The graduation rate of American Indian or Alaska Native students is 12.20%, rate of Hispanic students is 0.00%, and rate of White students is 33.33% at Sitting Bull College.
American Indian or Alaska Native12.20%(5/41) 8.70%(2/23) 16.67%(3/18)
Hispanic0.00%(-/1) - -
White33.33%(1/3) - 50.00%(1/2)
Graduation Rate By Race/Ethnicity

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