Most Considered Schools in New Mexico 2021 Acceptance Rate Comparison

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2021 Acceptance Rates & Admission Statistics Comparison Table
School NameApplicantsAdmitted EnrolledAcceptance RateAdmission Yield
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Socorro, NM
1,143 912 250 79.79% 27.41%
New Mexico State University-Main Campus Las Cruces, NM
11,903 6,497 2,178 54.58% 33.52%
St. John's College Santa Fe, NM
422 280 75 66.35% 26.79%
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*The tuition data is updated with academic year 2020-2021 data from National Center For Education Statistics (March 2, 2021),U.S. Department of Education.
**Information is not available for schools that are not appeared in the table. The schools have not report the information to the IPEDS or not applicable.)

Most Considered Schools in New Mexico

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