Communications Technologies Program 2023 Average Tuition and Completion Time

For the academic year 2022-2023, the average tuition & fees of Communications Technologies vocational programs is $16,741. The amount is based on the tuition of the Communications Technologies program and it may differ from tuition of other programs at the schools.
In average, the length of the Communications Technologies program is 444 contact hours (credit hours) and the average completion time is 11.93 months.
2022-2023 Average Tuition & Fees of Communications Technologies Career Programs
Tuition & Fees$16,741
Length of Program444 Contact Hours
Completion Time11.93 Months

Average Wage by Jobs after Communications Technologies Program

Next jobs are possible career after earning Communications Technologies certificate/degree. The average wage is based on the latest employment and wage data (May 2022) from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
The average annual wage of Media and Communication Workers, All Other career is $113,840 and, for Special Effects Artists and Animators, the average annual income is $111,130.
Communications Technologies Careers and its Average Wage (as of May 2022)
Job TitleHourly WageAnnual Wage
Media and Communication Workers, All Other$54.73$113,840
Special Effects Artists and Animators$53.43$111,130
Broadcast Technicians$40.80$84,860
Film and Video Editors$38.94$80,990
Sound Engineering Technicians$36.34$75,590
Lighting Technicians$35.59$74,020
Court Reporters and Simultaneous Captioners$33.79$70,290
Camera Operators, Television, Video, and Film$33.63$69,940
Audio and Video Technicians$27.74$57,710
Desktop Publishers$25.67$53,390
Prepress Technicians and Workers$21.58$44,880
Printing Press Operators$20.55$42,730
Etchers and Engravers$19.69$40,950
Data Entry Keyers$18.26$37,970
Disc Jockeys, Except Radio$25.48-

Vocational Programs in Communications Technologies Study Area

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