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New York Medical College was founded in 1858. New York Medical College is located in Administration Building, Valhalla, NY . New York Medical College is four-years, private (not-for-profit) school and offers graduate programs with total enrollment of 1,604.
There are 884 students at medical school - 384 men and 500 women. Last year, 219 students have enrolled newly to New York Medical College.

2023 Doctor of Medicine M.D. Degree Program Tuition & Fees

The Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree program tuition & fees of New York Medical College is $61,585 for academic year 2022-2023. The total cost of attendance including room & board, meal, books, and other living costs is $86,006.
The tuition & fees includes direct costs billed by the school and it may include the fees for exams and health related fees, but exclude health insurance costs. The living costs includes costs for room, board, meals, and transportation.
The total cost of four years of M.D. degree program at New York Medical College is $342,421. It is based on the official school's tuition data (see the school's bursar page for details).
The next table summarizes the tuition & fees, and other college costs at New York Medical College

General Program Tuition

The medical school tuition is different from the costs of other graduate programs. For graduate programs other than medical school program at New York Medical College, the average tuition & fees is $25,524.

New York Medical College GPA and MCAT Scores

The average GPA from enrolled students at New York Medical College is 3.6 and the average MCAT score is 511. Its GPA is lower than the average GPA of other medical schools. The MCAT score of New York Medical College is higher than average MCAT of all medical schools, but lower than New York medical schools.

New York Medical College Acceptance Rate and Admission Statistics

For academic year 2021-2022, total 9,527 students have applied to New York Medical College and 639 students have accepted to get into the school. Among the admitted students, 219 students have enrolled into the school. The acceptance rate is 6.71% and the yield, also known as enrollment rate, is 34.27% at New York Medical College.

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