Career and Salary after Completing Pharmacy Technician/Assistant Program

The following jobs are possible careers after completing Pharmacy Technician/Assistant major program. The average wage is based on the latest employment and wage data (May 2021) from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The average annual wage of Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary career is $133,310 and, for Pharmacy Technicians, the average annual income is $37,970.
Pharmacy Technician/Assistant Careers and its Average Wage (as of May 2022)
Job TitleHourly WageAnnual Wage
Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary-$133,310
Pharmacy Technicians$18.25$37,970

Average Salary after Completing Pharmacy Technician/Assistant Program

The following table shows the average earning of students three years after completing the Pharmacy Technician/Assistant program by degree type. The average earning after graduation is $36,368 for bachelor's degree and $134,717 for master degree programs.
DegreeAverage EarningAverage Loan Debt
Undergraduate Certificate or Diploma$24,667$10,063
Associate's Degree$34,008$18,226
Bachelor's Degree$36,368$23,559
Master's Degree$134,717$132,196
First Professional Degree$70,415$129,269
Graduate/Professional Certificate$21,395-

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