Graduation Rates in Reasonable Completion Time

500 students out of 919 candidates were completed their courses within 150% normal time at Plymouth State University. By gender, 253 male and 247 female students graduated the school last year completing their jobs in the period. The graduation rate at Plymouth State University is around the average rate when comparing similar colleges (51.98% in average - Public Master's College and University (larger programs)).
CandidatesCompletersGraduation Rates

Graduation Rate By Race/Ethnicity

Graduation rates of American Indian or Alaska Native students is 100.00%, Asian students is 62.50%, Black (Non-Hispanic) students is 45.00%, Hispanic students is 59.52%, White students is 54.14%, Two or More Race students is 35.71%, and Unknown students is 61.54% at Plymouth State University.
American Indian or Alaska Native100.00%(1/1) 100.00%(1/1) -
Asian62.50%(10/16) 70.00%(7/10) 50.00%(3/6)
Black (Non-Hispanic)45.00%(9/20) 35.71%(5/14) 66.67%(4/6)
Hispanic59.52%(25/42) 52.63%(10/19) 65.22%(15/23)
White54.14%(425/785) 51.97%(211/406) 56.46%(214/379)
Two or More Race35.71%(5/14) 57.14%(4/7) 14.29%(1/7)
Unknown61.54%(16/26) 53.33%(8/15) 72.73%(8/11)
Graduation Rate By Race/Ethnicity at Plymouth State University

Graduation Rate By Completion Time Period

412 students completed their courses in 4 years (or 100% normal time) and 71 finished in 5 years (or 125% normal time). And additional 429 students graduated within 6 years (or 150% normal time).
Graduation Rate By Completion Time Period at Plymouth State University

Non-Resident Alien Graduation Rate

A non-resident alien student is not a US citizen/green card holder and studies with student visa, such as F visa, in the United States. At Plymouth State University, 9 of 15 non-resident alien students completed their studies and the graduation rate was 60.00%.
Non-Resident Alien Graduation Rate at Plymouth State University

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