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Financial Aid Comparison Table
School NameTuition & Fees Beginning Undergraduate Students (Freshmen)All Undergraduate Students
In-StateOut-of-StatePercent Receiving Aid Average AmountsPercent Receiving AidAverage Amounts
Beal UniversityBangor, ME
Capilo School of Hair DesignAugusta, ME$16,00081.00%$4,08979.00%$3,779
Empire Beauty School-MainePortland, ME$17,62570.00%$4,97260.00%$4,521
Maine Media CollegeRockport, ME$44,465-25.00%$5,820
Northeast Technical InstituteScarborough, ME$14,94074.00%$5,07782.00%$5,287
Spa Tech Institute-WestbrookWestbrook, ME
Unity CollegeNew Gloucester, ME
York County Community CollegeWells, ME
Average$3,760$20,47968%$4,278 60%$4,233
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*The tuition data is updated with academic year 2022-2023 data from IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) (August 27, 2022). The financial aid information is based on the IPEDS data for the academic year 2021-2022.
**Information is not available for schools that are not appeared in the table. The schools have not report the information to the IPEDS or not applicable.)

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