What is Architectural History and Criticism Career?

A general program that focuses on the aesthetic, technical, and social development of the built environment and the architectural profession from earliest times to the present. Includes instruction in the principles of architecture and related fields; art history; historiography of architecture; architectural theory and criticism; related aspects of the history of technology and social and economic history; and various period, cultural, and stylistic specializations
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Average Wage by Jobs after Architectural History and Criticism Program

Next jobs are possible career after earning Architectural History and Criticism certificate/degree. The average wage is based on the latest employment and wage data (May 2021) from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
The average annual wage of Architects, Except Landscape and Naval career is $91,900 and, for Historians, the average annual income is $72,130.
Architectural History and Criticism Careers and its Average Wage (as of May 2022)
Job TitleHourly WageAnnual Wage
Architects, Except Landscape and Naval$44.19$91,900

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